Gumroad Access: Focus Library (All Files)

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What's Inside?

All Focus Library JSONs - Elementor Import Ready
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File Type: .zip

What You'll Get:
1. Import-ready Files: 456 Elementor .JSON Files (separated in 3 .zip files)*
2. Organized Folders: All of the Focus Library files, cataloged/organized in folders.

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Note: Direct download from our website is not included in Gumroad Access.

How To Use

Import the files into Elementor templates. Go to WP Dashboard > Templates > Saved Templates > Import Templates and import the zip files one by one.

*I separated the files to avoid 'Connection Timeout' on your server. You can modify the files as you wish.


  1. Elementor Pro version 3.16.2 or later. Check the latest version here.
  2. Before importing .JSON file(s), please activate all these following features:
    Go to WP Dashboard > Elementor > Settings > Features
    • Inline Font Icons: Active
    • Flexbox Container: Active
    • Nested Elements: Active
    • Taxonomy Filter: Active

Recommended Settings

Set the default ‘Content Width’ to 1300 pixel. Learn more about Site Settings here.


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All Focus Library .JSON Files

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Gumroad Access: Focus Library (All Files)

0 ratings
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